Danielle Searcy

Intake Specialist, GSUL Welcome Center

16Danielle Searcy joined GSUL as a student in Higher Heights Adult School. A year later, she was hired by GSUL as an accounting technician and later promoted to Welcome Center Coordinator. With over 30 years in the field of customer service, she brings a strong understanding of client dignity and confidentiality, customer-oriented approaches, and entrepreneurship.

Danielle’s professional history includes a host of experiences, from cosmetology to small business owner, and today, the non-profit sector. Her career began as the owner/operator of “Hairwerks-by -Danielle” in Fairview Heights, IL. As a small business owner, Danielle managed the day-to-day business operations of her shop that included accounting, payroll, addressing and resolving customer concerns, and marketing. In addition, she was responsible for the training of over ten hair stylists and for ensuring her business was compliant with all state and local health regulations.

Danielle is currently pursuing her Associate of Arts degree in Professional Administration from American River College. She is a mother of two wonderful daughters. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the gym and roller skating.

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