Kevin Daniel

Vice President of Programs

VP K. DanielKevin Daniel was appointed GSUL’s vice president of programs in 2014. Prior to his appointment, Kevin served at GSUL for 9-years in positions such as director of technology, youth services director and GSUL instructor.

In his current role, Kevin oversees GSUL’s adult high school diploma program, workforce development and youth programming. Since joining GSUL, Kevin has made significant strides in advancing GSUL’s mission to serve its clients, students, and staff. In particular, he has enhanced GSUL’s efforts in the area of youth services having brokered a critical partnership between GSUL and Sacramento Academic & Vocational Academy (SAVA) and Gateway Community Charters (GCC).  The partnership provides job readiness, life skills training and work-experience opportunities to youth attending SAVA and GCC.

A native of Sacramento, Kevin earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Physics from California State University, Chico. He later attended George State University where he earned a Teaching Certificate in Career Technology Education.