Program & Services

GSUL has an established history of enabling undeserved communities to secure self-reliance through advocacy, services related to workforce preparation, employment assistance, education and literacy, and economic development.

GSUL Provides:

  • Education and Youth Empowerment through access to High School Diploma preparation, after-school programs and social development. We are approved to operate by the Bureau for Private Post-secondary Education (BPPE) in compliance with the Education Act of 2009. (Approval to operate means compliance with minimum standards set forth in the Ed. Code and the regulations)
  • Economic Empowerment through financial literacy, vocational training, career coaching and workforce development.
  • Health and Quality of Life Empowerment through a focus on prevention and access to affordable healthcare.
  • Civic Engagement and Leadership Empowerment through participation in community service projects and volunteering.

Annually we assist:
Over 50 high school dropout students obtain their High School Diploma; provide vocational training to 150 adult, welfare to work and dislocated workers. Our after school programming enriches the lives of 40 youth a week. We teach career preparation and provide direct placement to 100 clients each year.  Our health department impacts the lives of 350 youth and adults each year. Our service population is considered at risk for a variety of reasons, they are high school drop outs, unemployed, welfare recipients, or achieving poor school grades.

– Office Software Specialist
– High School Doploma
– Youth Empowered for Success (Y.E.S.)
– Custodial Training Program
– A+ Certification Computer Technician Training
– Community Supportive Services


Bureau for Private Post secondary Education Information:

  1. GSUL Student Handbook 2016-2017
  2. 2015 Annual Report
  3.  Performance Fact Sheet
    1. 2014 custodial Performance Fact Sheet
    2. 2014 IC3 Performance Fact Sheet
    3.  A+ Performance Fact Sheet
    4. Office Software Specialist Performance Fact Sheet
  4. Program Brochure