Oak Park Community Incubator

Oak Park Community Incubator

The Oak Park Community Incubator is one of 7 offices throughout Sacramento County, focused on the Reduction of African American Child Deaths (RAACD.) The incubator offices will be operated by a Multi-Disciplinary team consisting of the Greater Sacramento Urban League, Department of Health and Human Services and the County Department of Human Assistance. Cohesively the collaboration is to improve access to services throughout Oak Park and reduce the number of child deaths by 10-20% within 3 years.

Through Sierra Health Foundation Center for Health Program Management, the Oak Park CI is following a set of recommended strategies identified by the RAACD Steering Committees. These core strategies will help us focus on solutions for the 4 main causes of disproportionately high rates of African American Child Mortality, when compared to the demographics of the county as a whole:

  • Infant sleep related deaths
  • Prenatal and Perinatal conditions
  • Child Abuse and Neglect Homicides
  • Third-Party homicides

By collaborating with Sierra Health Foundation, the County of Sacramento, local organizations and the Oak Park community we look forward to strategically providing resources and are proud to take the lead in  creating  a system of support that will have a long term effect and impact for generations to come.

Here is a list of our partners:

  • African American Women’s Health Legacy/Yes2Kollege
  • Always Knocking
  • City of Sacramento
  • City Year
  • College Track
  • Dr. Ephraim William’s Family Life Center
  • Fater Keith B. Kenny K-8 School
  • First 5 Sacramento
  • Imani Clinic
  • Oak Park Neighborhood Association
  • Playmate CDC
  • Says, Inc.
  • St. Hope Public Schools
  • Women’s Civic Improvement Club (WCIC)