In 2018, Sacramento County became one of the first counties in the state to implement the Voter’s Choice Act (VCA): a new law that expands voters’ choices as to where, when, and how to vote. All registered voters would receive their ballot in the mail a month before the election. Instead of going to their old polling places, they will have 3 choices for how to vote:

(1) Vote by Mail starting as soon as their ballot is received.

(2) Ballot Drop Off at any of the county’s 52 secure drop off sites. No postage is required for ballots delivered to drop off sites.

(3) Vote Centers for in-person voting, helpful assistance, and same-day registration and voting. There were to be 16 Vote Centers open starting 10 days before the election and then a total of 78 open on the Saturday before the election through Election Day.

Community engagement is essential to prepare voters for the big changes ahead. It is important that we help educate voters and ensure that everyone, including members of underrepresented communities and voters with disabilities, understands how and when to vote. Collective efforts assisted over 3,000 more individuals to register and many more to the polls.

For more information regarding the change, please check out SB 450.