The Greater Sacramento Urban League advocates for political and social change that advances Black and other marginalized populations and creates a level playing field for historically underserved individuals. Our staff works with elected officials at the local, state, and federal levels on legislation and policies impacting communities in the Greater Sacramento region.

  • Access to safe and affordable housing,
  • Opportunities to overcome health disparities,
  • Economic relief,
  • Criminal justice reform, and
  • The ability to work for a living wage
Sacramento State Capitol of California Building

The National Urban League is putting into action a new phase of civil rights and social justice advocacy and activism, the 3 D’s—Defend Democracy, Demand Diversity, and Defeat Poverty. The “D3” campaign elevates and enhances our organization’s historical commitment to employment, education, housing, healthcare, and equitable justice in the face of renewed threats. The D3 campaign will target voter suppression, the “anti-woke” backlash against racial justice, and the persistent structural barriers to economic opportunities, bending the moral arc of the universe back toward justice.