Transformational Gift From Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott

Published on October 21, 2021

Transformational Gift From Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott allows Urban League to Dramatically Increase Its Impact in the Greater Sacramento Region. The Greater Sacramento Urban League (GSUL) announced today philanthropist and author MacKenzie Scott has donated $2.4 million to the organization, the largest single contribution in the affiliate’s nearly 55 year history in the region. GSUL received the unsolicited gift from Ms. Scott after she and her team conducted a review of U.S. nonprofit organizations.

“We’re honored and grateful Ms. Scott and her team recognize the Urban League’s value and impact in the Sacramento community,” said Dwayne Crenshaw, President and CEO of the Greater Sacramento Urban League. “By placing racial equity and social justice at the forefront of her philanthropic mission, Ms. Scott is shining a much-needed spotlight on the nation’s structural and institutional limitations and helping to build a stronger, more resilient society for everyone.”

GSUL has been committed to empowering communities and changing lives in the Sacramento region since 1968. This transformational gift will allow GSUL to increase its impact and the reach of its focused efforts and programs to empower, educate and employ youth and families, as well as build healthy, safe and thriving communities for Black and other marginalized people.

A major, specific effort of GSUL will be to leverage Ms. Scott’s generous contribution a minimum of 10x’s in new public, private and philanthropic investments to begin the development of a much needed mixed-use housing and community-serving business project on land it owns in Del Paso Heights. This development is intended to serves as a catalyst for long overdue community and economic revitalization throughout the Del Paso Heights community.

Greater Sacramento Urban League is one of 25 of the Urban League’s 90 affiliates across the nation who received similar donations from Ms. Scott, who in 2019 signed The Giving Pledge, a promise by the world’s wealthiest individuals and families to dedicate the majority of their wealth to charitable causes.